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Masus Finacial Group Client Relationship Summary

The LPL Registered Representative at Masus Financial Group, Ltd. provide small- and medium-sized businesses with retirement plan development and investmentadvisory services.

Today’s competitive environment demands the best in employee benefits. Nowhere is this more important than in providing savings and retirement plans that attract and retain quality employees and reward business owners. Business executives who wish to defer more income to retirement than allowed by qualified plans should explore non-qualified retirement plan options. The Masus Financial Group help to assure that your Business has the most appropriate plan, one that allows you to keep pace with the demand for greater flexibility, service and support.

By combining the most appropriate features for your business into a plan, participants wil have access to a wide variety of investment selections including no-load and load-waived mutual funds*. By using a multi-manager approach,we enable you to go beyond the limitations of a single investment company that may not lead in every asset class. This is a critical component in the long-term performance of any investment plan.

The Masus Financial Group offers guidance to help establish your plan’s investment objectives and policies.We also provide appropriately updated recommendationsas to individual investments that best pursue your employees’ ongoing investment goals.

The Masus Financial Groups’ services do not stop with just “the numbers”. Through personnel meetings, specially tailored slide presentations and literature, we conduct employee enrollment

Defined Benefit Plans

  • Asset Management through LPL
  • FinancialTerminal Funding & Advisors Services

Defined Contribution Plans

  • Profit Sharing 401(k)
  • Plans Keogh Plans
  • SEPs
  • Simple Plans

Non-qualified Deferred
Compensation Plans

  • Section 162 Bonus Plans
  • Split Dollar Arrangements

Financial Advisory Services

  • Buy/Sell Partnership
  • Agreements
  • Stock Redemption Plans