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About Us

From its beginning, the Masus Financial Group has been dedicated to developing ongoing partnerships with their clients by thoroughly understanding and objectively representing their unique investment and financial needs. The cornerstone of our business philosophy is objectivity. Advice and services from the Masus Financial Group are centered solely around helping meet client investment objectives, not on selling company-owned investment products. Because we do not represent a single company’s product or service, we preserve the flexibility and objectivity to fulfill our pledge to be your partner for financial success.

Investment professionals with the Masus Financial Group are affiliated with LPL Financial, member FINRA/SIPC. LPL Financial is America’s No. 1 independent brokerage firm (based on total revenues as reported in Financial Planning Magazine, June 1996-2017). LPL Financial invests and manages over $165 billion dollars annually. This gives the Masus Financial Group access to sophisticated and timely supplemental support services, including research on stock and mutual fund performance, securities clearing, administrative record keeping, and access to the nation’s leading investment companies. Most importantly, neither LPL Financial nor the Masus Financial Group creates or sells its own proprietary products. This allows us to provide direct, personal and objective investment services.

In most situations, the Masus Financial Groups’ investment professionals are not commission-compensated. They are paid a fee, based on the value of assets in the client’s account through LPL Financial. This percentage-based compensation system ensures that your consultant’s objectives are aligned with your own: the long-term growth of your investments. Additional fee based services include portfolio review, conducting workshops and seminars, and 401(k) investment advice for companies and individuals. In the remaining situations, compensation may be commission based.

For both business and individuals, the Masus Financial Group, Ltd. is your dependable and objective partner for financial success.